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Plastic surgeons are able to correct gummy smile using Botox or one of numerous surgical procedures. Which should you select?

The idea of using a non-invasive procedure like Botox to correct gummy smile is very appealing, and this method does have several benefits. It’s usually much shorter and less expensive than surgery. Because there are no incisions, you won’t have to deal with scars. There’s a much smaller risk of bruising or swelling, and you won’t need any recovery time.

After a Botox gummy smile correction, you’ll be able to lift your head up, take that hand off of your mouth, and show off your smile with pride. So speak with Dr. Debra Kroll, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York. Arrange a consultation with our office to find out more.

NY Eyelid Specialist - Dr. Debra Kroll

NY Eyelid Specialist – Dr. Debra Kroll