If you are looking for a non-invasive approach to smoothing out your skin, Pellevé® may be a great choice. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is It?

Pellevé® is an FDA approved radio frequency device which works by stimulating natural collagen production. The treatment heats the deeper layers of skin to a precise temperature, causing tightening of loose skin. Pellevé® has been described as a hot stone massage of the face. This procedure has been found to be especially effective around the eyelids since the skin is thin and delicate in this area. Pellevé® should not be confused with laser therapy, which treats the top layer of skin to achieve the desired results which may require downtime.

Pros and Cons

Pellevé® offers many advantages to other therapies. It does not involve injections or anesthetics which is a huge plus for those who would rather avoid needles or being numb for hours. This procedure is non-invasive and depends on the body’s own natural abilities to heal itself. The equipment may look futuristic, but the procedure is actually quite natural. There is no downtime after the procedure… you don’t have to wait for extreme swelling to go away or for surgery or laser wounds to heal. There will be a little bit of pinkness of the skin immediately following the procedure, but that tends to fade very quickly. The procedure is generally reported to be painless.

Pellevé® Eyes

The effects of Pellevé® may be subtle and will not leave you looking “done” or windblown. This procedure will help to smooth the skin and it helps your body to produce more collagen. You will likely see results on mild to moderate loose skin, but results may be limited on areas with large jowls or very droopy eyelids. People with advanced aging changes will be counseled on the best procedures for them.

Pellevé® Lips

The procedure may also be a poor fit for someone with a severe sensitivity to heat or autoimmune diseases. You will want to discuss the procedure with your physician before making a decision.

How It Works

Pellevé® can help to tighten the skin, and is best used as a treatment for minor to moderate aging changes. Many patients use Pellevé® to address a sagging jawline or lower eyelids that are becoming ”crepey” or wrinkly. Pellevé® may help to smooth out wrinkles, and then there is a secondary effect when collagen is produced by the body.

Is It Right For Me

The ideal patient for Pellevé® is 30-60 years old with mild to moderate aging changes in the skin and is one of the least invasive procedures available. You can bounce right back into your work or home life quickly after treatment. Other minimally invasive modalities such as Botox/Dysport, Restylane/Juvederm, peels and microneedling can be added into the aesthetic plan as desired.

Typically, Pellevé® involves three treatments to be performed with one month between treatments (two month course including the first treatment). More treatments may be recommended. Pellevé® can be performed over the summer, because results are not affected by sun exposure. For best results, you can return for a maintenance treatment once a year. The procedure is typically painless, quick, and easy, and won’t leave you waiting for your skin to heal before you head out in the sun or in public.

Ultimately, you will want to discuss the procedure with your physician who will educate you on whether you are a good candidate for Pellevé®.